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This is definitely disappointing to write but MN Governor Walz has decided to close fitness centers throughout Minnesota for 4 weeks Starting Friday November 20th at 11:59pm to December 18th.


I really struggled with this as it seems completely unfair to hand pick “unessential” businesses to close. I understand the need for action to help support our local hospitals and workers and make sure we take care of the people that take care of us when things go bad. But if you truly want to make a difference than we should be in this all together in my opinion, and as a border town I wish our local leaders would step up and give us some help because shutting down Moorhead businesses will do nothing when Moorhead people can just go across the river.


With that being said I’ve been flooded with calls, emails and messages asking about using the Fargo facility. Obviously, your membership includes access to both facilities but we need to be able to control how many people are using Edge Fargo at one time so we can stay within those guidelines as well. So, we are going to do a couple things that will not be ideal but this is the only option other than telling half of our Edge family they can’t work out for 4 weeks and then they go join a different Fargo gym.


First, we are bringing back the parking lot cones. We will have the right number of parking spots available to use to keep the inside of Edge from overcrowding at any one time. Everyone needs to follow this it’s extremely important for the next 4 weeks. FYI we did write a email to the mayor of Moorhead asking to use the facility for members only and be closed to the public while the City of Fargo remains open.


Second, if you are a Moorhead member please email me the following information at dan@edgefitnessfm.comWe will respond with confirmation that you are all set but please give us 24hrs to get back to you as this will be a process.



Color of key fob:

Key Fob # on the back:

Ideal Workout Time:


If possible, please avoid working out from 4:30pm-8:30pm and 5:00am-7:00am Monday-Friday

Working out between 8am-4pm and after 9pm is absolutely ideal, the club is very quiet during these hours and has plenty of room for more people. Remember it’s not forever it’s for 4 weeks and it beats the alternative of not being able to work out for 4 weeks. If people break the capacity issue we will have to turn off memberships. So please even if it isn’t convenient try to work out during our quiet hours. Another option is to skip Mon/Tues and maybe workout Weds-Sun instead of Mon-Fri as this will help spread people out as well. Please wear a mask into and out of the facility and when possible while you work out, we just installed our clean air system so that will help circulate the air and hopefully keep everyone comfortable and happy as can be during this four week stretch.



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