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Edge is currently not accepting new memberships as we are trying to keep the clubs from becoming to crowded during the winter months. We will add new members at the beginning of every month depending on spots available. Please use our contact page to get put on the wait list. We will confirm your email was received. Thank you for your interest in Edge and we hope you can understand our reason for capping membership this winter. Reach out anytime using our contact page! Thanks Edge Fitness Staff!

All Memberships Include

• Access to Fargo & Moorhead health centers
• 24/7/365 access with keyless fob
• Unlimited tanning
• Unlimited sauna use
• Locker access
• No enrollment fees
• No cancellation fees
• No annual fees
• No hidden fees

No Commitments

All memberships must be canceled before the 1st of the month to avoid purchasing a membership for that month. There are no fees for canceling a membership. Please return your fob if you decide to cancel your gym membership. You will be charged $20 if you break, lose, or fail to return a fob upon cancellation.