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Membership Notice

Joining online does not grant you instant access. It can take up to 24hrs to process.

Please read through the steps listed below for a better understanding on what to expect when joining online.
If you prefer to join in person, please email to find out when staff will be available Monday-Friday.

Steps For Joining Online

  1. Click Join Today Button
  2. Fill out form and make sure Phone Number and Email are correctly entered
  3. Read and accept Terms of Service
  4. Click Sign Up Button
  5. You will receive a Welcome Email
  6. This next step can take up to 12hrs
    1. After we process your membership, we will send you a text with instructions for setting up your digital key fob using the VIZpin app
  7. Follow message exactly
  8. After completing this the system will send an automated text saying your app is ready may take 10-15mins to connect. After that you are all set
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Membership Options

  • Must be 18 years + to join
  • All memberships are automatic month to month billing (No Contacts)
  • Pay full price today – prorated costs added on to next month billing

1 Person - $50.00/Month

  • Must be 18 years + to join

2 Person - $80.00/Month

  • Both must be 18years+
  • Put 2nd Person as Emergency Contact
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VIZpin App

Download the digital key fob app after you have registered.

Joining online questions please email

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• 24/7/365 access with keyless fob
• Unlimited sauna use
• Locker access
• No enrollment fees
• No cancellation fees
• No annual fees
• No hidden fees”]
[qodef_section_title position=”” title_tag=”” disable_break_words=”no” text_tag=”p” text_font_weight=”” type=”standard” title=”No Commitments” text=”All memberships must be canceled before the 1st of the month to avoid purchasing a membership for that month. There are no fees for canceling a membership.

Please return your fob if you decide to cancel your gym membership. You will be charged $20 if you break, lose, or fail to return a fob upon cancellation.” title_color=”#ffffff” title_break_words=”3″ text_color=”#ffffff”][/qodef_elements_holder_item][qodef_elements_holder_item background_image=”3625″ item_padding=”420px 0px” item_padding_768_1024=”415px 0px” item_padding_680_768=”415px 0px” item_padding_680=”362px 0px” item_padding_1280_1600=”335px 0px” item_padding_1024_1280=”335px 0px”][/qodef_elements_holder_item][/qodef_elements_holder]